Updated: May 10, 2020

Hello, Lizzy here! If you follow us on Instagram you'll know that 1) I had my period recently (lol) and 2) that I had embarked on a very noble and very brave quest - to try the Thinx period pants.

If you haven't heard of Thinx, they are a US underwear brand designed specifically for women when on their period and claim that they can completely replace the menstrual cup or tampons/pads! This underwear brand offers a much more sustainable alternative to tampons and pads, are washable and reusable, and come in a range of very cute styles and cuts. On their website they have a lot of info and videos about the sustainable efforts they make throughout the manufacture process (read up on it here), about the brand etc which we would really recommend checking out.

After some research online, scouring blogs and Instagram, and reading other peoples' reviews (which were, generally speaking, a mixed bag), I took the plunge and decided to try out these new-age knickers that everyone is talking about.

I ordered the set of 3 - Cheeky, Hiphugger and Thong (pictured above). There's a bit of a deal if you buy 3 pairs so, naturally, I got suckered in. Total came to $83.20 USD; and they do ship worldwide but it isn't cheap ($9 USD to get to Singapore..). I must say I LOVED the quirky pictures and graphics on their website, so thumbs up to the creative team.

Once they arrived, I couldn't wait to try them on! Overall, the feel and fit of the pants were pretty good. They are comfortable and the fabric feels high quality, which is what you should expect for pants at this price point.


How do they work?! (nabbed this pic from their website):

*Taken from


Day 1. Despite it being the first day, and therefore a 'light' day, unfortunately by about 6pm I would say that the 'odour-trapping' lining had failed. They felt ok for the morning, but it wasn't pleasant washing in cold water after and then putting them in the wash with other clothes. Did not feel confident walking around in them and was conscious of it the entire day.

Day 2. Wanted to give them another go but after just 1 hour of wear, I had to go back to using the cup. I didn't feel secure and, now being into more of a medium flow, I felt really uncomfortable. They claim to hold '2 regular tampons,' but I couldn't even get to this point. I'm thinking these should be used as more of a 'doubling-up' scenario with my cup...

Day 3/4: Couldn't do it guys. I needed to feel secure and comfortable so opted for only the cup on these days.

Day 5 (Last Day). Okay, one last try. I decided to give them another go as it was my last day and I think that this will be the way I use them from now on. They acted as a good sort of safety net and I found definite value in having them on on the final day when you don't really need tampons/pads/cup.

Final thoughts:

Sorry Thinx...3 stars overall, nice idea and I really really wanted to love them but, personally, I felt very uncomfortable and icky wearing them. For me, it is perfect for the last day but I'll be giving it a big miss for those medium to heavy flow days.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?!

Lizzy x

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