Updated: Jul 9, 2020

As we write this post its actually January 12th... so, we are very late to this party however we decided not to post our resolutions until now simply because we needed more time to think about what each one would be. We've both got very busy years ahead with new projects at work, Lizzy is getting married(!) - as well as the general adulting, maintaining a social life, keeping friends etc that you have to do in order to be a functioning human being - so we've set resolutions that are 100% achievable. It feels really good to get resolutions or goals down on paper so you can keep yourself accountable and give yourself a gentle reminder to keep on track. You could also stick them up on your wall, create a vision board, start a bullet journal - whatever helps you plan.

1. Eat more plant-based food. This year we plan to continue to introduce more plant-based food into our diet; more variety and more recipes to share with you! Once you start this process and start stocking your cupboards and fridges with things like miso paste, maple syrup and a hella lot of medjool dates, it gets so much easier.

2. Walk/use public transport more. We rely on taxis far too much so we'd like to become more mindful each time we open up Grab: can I walk it? Is there a bus I can get? Do I REALLY need to get a taxi?!

3. Go on a yoga retreat together! This is something we've been talking about for a really long time. We desperately want to incorporate more yoga into our lives and booking a yoga retreat could be the extra motivation for us to improve before we go - just like booking a 10km race gets you training for it.

4. Bring two new friends for every beach clean we do. Part of why we started this blog was because we wanted to encourage others to get involved and see for themselves why living more consciously is so important at an individual level; and when you witness for yourself the levels of plastic on a beach, it suddenly becomes very real.

5. Start a habit tracker. We definitely need to start planning our days properly to ensure we stay productive and get the most out of it. So we've built our own individual habit trackers with a list of the new 'habits' we want to get into each day and then check them off. This could be things like:

- drink 4 litres of water

- listen to a podcast

- read one article (gotta stay up to date with current affairs!)

- write one blog posts

- do one thing for someone else

So that's it from us.

What are you 2019 goals?

L&S x

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