Updated: May 8, 2020

Did someone forget it was mother's day? Want to go down a more sustainable / planet friendly route this year? Panicking because we're all in lockdown so the normal options are no longer available? SAY. NO. MORE.

We've broken it down into different categories - Food, DIY, and Tangibles - so hopefully there will be a little something for everyone. Everything below supports local and independent stores or is sustainable and planet friendly, plus should all arrive or be ordered in time for Sunday. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mother's out there right now who are keeping their sh** well and truly together during such an unprecedented and crazy time. We are sending you our love and hope you and your families are happy and healthy.

Let's dig into it...


1. Order her fresh croissants, pastries and coffee from your local bakery/cafe for breakfast

Credit: Baker's Bench Bakery

Give your nearby favourite cafe/bakery a DM on Instagram and see if they are currently delivering or available for pre-order and pick up! Whether it's breakfast in bed, or you want to set up a lovely breakfast inside or on the balcony, who doesn't love freshly baked good with a decent cup of coffee in the morning? The perfect way to start her mother's day off!

2. Order from her favourite restaurant for dinner and treat her to some home made cocktails!

The only real planning needed for this is if you make her some cocktails (or mocktails!) at home. Have a browse online and see what takes your fancy. You can even make the cocktails together - so fun!

Aperol Spritz is SUCH an easy one with just THREE INGREDIENTS so it should be seriously doable, even in lockdown when we know some ingredients are harder to get. I used the BBC Food recipe here.

You can pretend you're sipping one together on the Amalfi Coast (which is exactly what we do whenever we have one - lockdown or no lockdown)

3. Order last minute vegan ice cream from Kind Kones!

Or another local ice cream vendor close by!

Lizzy slid into their DMs on Instagram last week and they hooked her up in just a couple of hours - ideal for a TRULY last minute gift.


1. Paint/draw something!

Grab some pencils, paints, chalk, whatever your medium of choice is - even biro if you can make it work - get your beret on, cos your name is Picasso now and your mum deserves a masterpiece!

2. Bake!

Think of what your mum's favourite cake is and give it a shot! Mum will be so happy that you took the time to plan, prep and even decorate if the cake calls for it! If sweet things aren't her bag, then how about bread? Who doesn't love bread?! There are tons of sourdough starter recipes and how-tos right now - there's no point fighting it, you may as well jump on the lockdown sourdough train.

If you really can't bake to save your life though, or you don't have the time, The Social Space have got you covered! You can order a whole banana bread from their website for $40 and it's actually one of the best banana breads we've ever tasted.

(PS the lockdown banana bread train is also well and truly in service so jump aboard friend because everyone else is here!)

3. Create your very own DIY / at-home spa!

Why don't you turn your bathroom into a little bit of heaven?! Hot bubble bath, wine, candles - bliss. You could also offer to paint her nails and do her make up, put on some spa-like music - here's a playlist (you're welcome) - and have some proper chill time with your mum.

There are also loads of DIY face masks, lip scrubs, body scrubs recipes online that you can make from home and usually with bits that are already in your cupboard/fridge. Any of these sound awesome? (Trick question, they all do)

- DIY Oatmeal face masks

- Body scrub made from coffee grounds

- Exfoliating lip scrub

TANGIBLE GIFTS - sometimes it is nice to open something

We were recently introduced to a new app that has just launched called Green Day - which is a sustainable marketplace, and it has all kinds of sustainable and eco friendly things to buy. Well worth a browse, but a couple of things that are PERFECT for mums:

The Social Space has also moved its product online! Check out their online store HERE but a few things we think she'd like are:

Organic Facial Bar - $12.50

Riau Candle - $18.00

We hope that helped inspire of make you think of of some fun, easy to do (and probably can do with stuff at home) and planet-friendly ways to make mum feel special this mother's day.

Any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

Sophie & Lizzy x

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