Listen, slow fashion is in, fast fashion is out. And activewear is no exception.

For Lizzy and I, keeping active is super important (most of the time lol amirite) and so, as you can imagine, we have spent hours scrolling online trying to find high quality but cute (!) sustainably-made gym wear. We both have very different body types though so we do look for different things in the brands we go to so hopefully there will be a good variety below.

Generally, though, we're looking for items for running, yoga and general gym use (like HIIT, F45 etc) and for high support bras/tops for Sophie cos she's in the big-boob club.

1) Outfyt Singapore

We wanted to start with a local Singaporean brand, Outfyt! Their colours are SO FUN and the quality is great. We both absolutely love the pieces we got there and would genuinely recommend it. If you're in SG then give these guys a look and it's another reason to #supportlocal

Things you need to know:

  • They only use sustainable fabrics

  • All of their designs are made in small batches and are not mass produced, thereby minimising waste

  • All single-use plastics have been removed from their supply chain

  • The garments are packaged in biodegradable and compostable cassava bags

  • There's a recycling bin at their store on Haji Lane!

  • Ethical manufacturing monitored by the Indonesia Manpower department

Just love these colours! Images clickable if you wanna shop!

[Images taken from Outfyt website]

You can buy online or you can go to their store on Haji Lane but it is by appointment only.

Shop Outfyt online

2) Girlfriend Collective

Chances are you've heard of Girlfriend and are already a. convert but if not then we seriously urge you to check them out NOW (not right now.. finish reading first).

They're a US brand that have taken being an eco friendly brand incredibly seriously and are very transparent about their efforts and achievements - and where they're not perfect - on their website. We also love how inclusive they are when it comes to body types, shapes, sizes and for women of all ages. Their outfits seriously do look amazing on everyone!

Pockets? Yes please! Shop the leggings here.

[Images taken from Girlfriend website]

Things you need to know:

  • Their packaging is 100% recycled AND recyclable

  • Fabric is dyed using eco-friendly dyes

  • They use recycled bottles - bottles that otherwise would have ended up in landfill - in their clothes as well as recycled fabrics

  • Fair-trade supply chain

  • Size inclusive with sizes going from XXS-6XL

  • You might find they're out of stock often... but that's because they're a slow fashion brand. Be patient and you can join a waitlist for specific products where they'll email you to tell you they're back.

Their website has so much info on how and what makes them so sustainable (check here) but their level of transparency on their site is something all brands need to emulate. It is epic and well worth a read as it will give you insight into every single step of what it takes to create garments like this.

Shop Girlfriend online


A UK based brand owned by fitness creator Grace Beverley. Definitely cute and even sexy outfits for the gym, running, or just every day wear.

We've got our eyes on the running bra and shorts in particular...

[Image taken from TALA website]

Things you need to know:

  • They use a high proportion of eco-friendly materials which minimises the amount of chemicals, waste and wastewater used in production

  • Recycled packaging and the tags are even plantable! So you can plant them and they grow into something... haha never done this before, but we are here for it!

  • Body inclusive - ranging from UK size 6-20

Shop TALA online

4) Patagonia

This Dad-brand of yesteryear has suddenly had a re-surge of being cool and actually their products are fantastic quality. They have gear for all manner of outdoor activities including surfing, rock climbing, trail running, hiking and everything in between. If you weren't an outdoorsy person before, you will be after you visit their website.

I don't know what's better: the fact that these leggings are made from majority recycled polyester and nylon or that they have a pocket (!) for your phone, keys or a couple of gels for long distance running. Love these *adds to basket

Things you need to know

  • 72% of their materials are made from recycled fibres

  • Organically grown cotton

  • Two thirds of their line is Fair Trade Certified sewn, impacting 66,000 workers

  • they have a self-imposed 'Earth Tax' where 1% of profits go towards providing support to environmental nonprofits around the world

Shop Patagonia online

Top tip:

We use the app Good On You to help us verify which brands are actually good for the environment.

You can type in any brand to the app and it will tell you how it has scored. Brands are rated from 1 (We Avoid) to 5 (Great) and everything above has been given a rating of 4 (Good) or 5 (Great) from the app.

You can look at their rating system here (as they explain their process better than we can) but we massively encourage you to download it and use it yourself - particularly the next time you are considering making a 'sustainable' purchase. So many brands use words like 'sustainable' 'eco' and 'conscious' incorrectly as a means to sell, but in fact are not actually good for the environment. Good For You do all the research for you and will tell you straight away how they rate.

Happy planet-friendly shopping!

Sophie & Lizzy x

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