Updated: Jul 9, 2020

It's Sunday. You are, for once, not hungover and you're looking for something to do that isn't going to harm the planet nor your bank balance. Well we have put together a few ideas to help break the standard brunching routine and jazz up your usual Monday-morning-colleague-small-talk discussion of 'what we all got up to at the weekend' (petition to ban this please).

1) Take a picnic to Sentosa and pet ALL. THE. DOGS.

Honestly is there anything better? SO MANY DOGGOS.

2) Bike Ride around Pulao Ubin or East Coast

They say that Pulau Ubin is considered the last remaining 'kampung' (village) of Singapore; here you'll find a much slower, careful pace and is said to be what the city was like in the 1960s - a mere 50 years ago. You can find out more about this little island on the National Parks website here. There are also sometimes beach/land cleans here too, info here to find out more about upcoming cleans!

3) Take part in a beach clean!

There are beach cleans every month in Singapore, usually on a Saturday, so grab as many friends as you can, some gloves and get involved in keeping our Singapore beaches clean! Check out Seven Clean Seas for more information for upcoming beach cleans - the organisers Tom and Pamela are the absolute dream and are so so welcoming.

If you are unable to attend a beach clean up yourself but you want to help the cause, Seven Clean Seas are also selling a limited run of bracelets whereby each bracelet bought directly picks up 0.5kg of trash from our beaches and oceans. You can contribute right here!!

4) Go Marie Kondo AF on your wardrobe and take clothes than no longer 'spark joy' down to The Fashion Pulpit in Liang Court to swap for pieces you do actually want!

We honestly love everything that this this store represents and actually only wish there were more options for us to choose from. It's located pretty centrally in Clarke Quay but if its still a bit out of the way for you, then we encourage you to organise your own clothes swap! Get your friends round, crack open a bottle of wine, and see if one person's 'trash' is actually your very own treasure. It's crucial to start getting in the habit of not just throwing our clothes away without mending them, or just leaving them in our wardrobe collecting mildew and dust - not cool! Clothes swapping is super fun, we promise it will be a Sunday well spent.

The Fashion Pulpit is located at 177 River Valley Rd, #02-08 Liang Court, Singapore 179030

5) Hike MacRitchie then cool off with a coupla scoops of vegan ice cream from Brownice

The treetop hike at MacRitchie is definitely one of the best hikes here in SG and FUN FACT: it was one of the first activities that Lizzy and I did together back in 2016. (Aw cute. Pic above.) There are a few different variations of the hike you can do depending on the difficulty level you're going for but I find this article from The Smart Local really useful to plan for this hike.

Brownice is located at 8 Sin Ming Rd, #01-03 Sin Ming Centre, Singapore 575628

Well that's it! I hope you enjoyed that and at least felt a little inspired with just a few things you can do here that have minimal OR a very positive impact on our planet - so you can feel all smug and pleased with yourself after... What better way to feel at the end of a Sunday?!

Sophie x

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