Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Inspired by Manrepeller.

Since my Quarantine Order, and now Singapore's Circuit Breaker measures have been put in place, I have found myself reading a lot more articles and actual blogs (what is this, 2013?!) from bloggers I love. And I came across a recent post from Manrepeller - the New York based publisher that btw create *the best content* around fashion, culture and the other little parts of everyday life. The post was a simple listicle number entitled 'A List of Things I Miss, Don't Miss, Won't Miss, and Won't Forget' and it inspired me to reflect on how I would answer each of these myself as someone living in Singapore. So here goes..

What I already miss:

- The sound of wine glasses clinking together mid-week after work on Club Street

- The wonderful awkwardness of is-it-a-one-kiss-or-a-two-kiss-on-the-cheek moment when saying hello to someone, which is then followed by the shared half-laugh in acknowledging the fact that, yep, that was awkward.

- the coffee shop barista saying hello to me (loudly) and remembering my order. Even though I don't go in there very often. And even though my order is irritatingly long. A wonderful woman.

- Going to my favourite HIIT Yoga class in Tiong Bahru with Lizzy, always forgetting to bring a towel and always having to leave class to borrow a towel from reception. Then mid way through exchanging looks with each other at how embarrassingly inflexible we are and how unreasonable the instructor is to assume we can do some of these poses. Pure joy.

- the taste of hot, freshly baked pizza brought to the table. Taking a bite, saying 'hot! hot!' then spitting it out, because it's way way too hot.

- Walking down Boat Quay on a Saturday night with your best mates to see 30 people you know.

- Laughing at dumb videos with work people and getting nothing done for a solid 45 minutes

- Being on the receiving end of a huge hug

What I don't Miss

- I don't miss the too often feeling of guilt mixed with anxiety at turning down a night out

- Walking behind someone in the CBD who is watching a feature-length movie of some kind and who is, therefore obviously, walking at an infuriatingly slow pace.

- Walking between meetings in 30 degree heat then getting caught in the pouring rain, because Singapore.

- Constantly feeling like I should be going out, meeting people, and doing something Instagram-worthy.

What I Won't Miss

- I won't miss trying to do at-home-workouts in my tiny tiny apartment

- Having my small balcony as the only access to outside I have

- Starting and/or ending every single email with variants of 'stay safe!'

- Having every single conversation I have somehow revolve around or come back to coronavirus, and how that makes me feel mentally drained, and then feeling guilty for feeling so mentally drained by it because of course we should be talking about it.

- Seeing things in corona-vision; being careful not to touch anything, to push the elevator button with my elbow and not my finger, feeling hyper aware anytime I want to touch my face, reaching up to touch it then remembering I can't. Etc.

- The physical distancing. And as a result never feeling more like a stranger in a sea of other strangers.

- Spending all this extra time scrolling on my phone.

What I Won't Forget

- I won't forget the way my friends brought me groceries whilst I was under Quarantine Order and the surprise deliveries of wine, puzzles, veggie lasagne and crucial chocolate provisions. And there's no way I'll ever forget how lucky I am to have these people in my life.

- That video calls with friends are far superior than Whatsapp group chats, and should continue to be scheduled in routinely - That the Virtual Background setting on Zoom is a wonderful wonderful thing and must be used for all future calls

- That baking is good for my mental health and you don't need an 'occasion' to bake something for someone. Baking for people is really special and always goes down a treat - pun very much intended

- That instead of doing a 1000 piece puzzle, doing literally anything else is better.

- The MAGIC of the forwarded voice recordings on Whatsapp about lasagne and garlic bread

- That living in Singapore is just not the same without sharing it with people.

Sophie x

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