We are Sophie and Lizzy; two best friends working in production in Singapore, who both found they shared a new-found interest in this whole eco-friendly, zero-waste, socially conscious malarky (not at all a malarky, very very scary and important, but gotta keep it light so you keep on reading...)


First of all, thanks for jumping into our little spot on the internet! Here and over on our Instagram, we’ll be taking you on our journey as we try very hard to learn how to lead less wasteful, more sustainable lives here in Singapore. We’ll be tackling everything from cutting plastic bags, going vegan (gulp!) to highlighting the incredible, inspiring individuals and local businesses that are already doing great things within the industry.


If you live in Singapore, you’ll know how hard it is to make these types of changes. If you don’t live in Singapore, then to give you a bit of context: because we’re such a small country we have a lot of food imported, which means everything is wrapped in plastic; recycling isn’t taken seriously (non-existent in the co-working space that we work in); and the majority of our waste gets transported to incineration plants  



or shipped to landfill which FYI will be full by 2035 - so that’s cool! (*sarcasm).Yeah it’s kinda cool to talk about this ‘stuff’ over dinner and drinks, or to use scary-sounding stats from A Plastic Ocean as conversational 


currency whilst trying to impress your latest Bumble date, but it isn’t good enough anymore. It is also very easy to shake off the responsibility by saying ‘it’s too inconvenient,’ or ‘it’s too expensive, its not sustainable’- we know; we were doing this.


But we want to be better. We've been on this journey since 2018 and, whilst we're still making a ton of mistakes, we've also come a long way in the past 2 years: we are now both vegetarian, full time members of the Period Cup Club (if that isn't a club, then it should be), bulk food shoppers, have cut plastic bags and plastic bottles, and generally have a new found perspective on the whole situation; simply by making the commitment to try to live more consciously each and every day. 


We still very much consider ourselves eco amateurs - and to be real, we are absolutely not perfect all the time - so we'd love any support, so go and egg us on at @theconscioustwo on Instagram and if you have any of your own stories or knowledge to share, then tag us in your pictures OR you can send us an email like it’s 1999 at theconscioustwo@gmail.com